• Donovan Lopez

Mingos Start Freshman Year in College

As the college lacrosse season is getting on it's way, we are proud to announce the Finger Lakes Flamingos class of 2015. This class contains the most players playing at the next level of any class in the history of our program. The class consists of 12 Mingos playing at all four levels of play: D1, D2, D3 and NJCAA and schools that are located in six different states.

Finger Lakes Flamingos 2015

Player, College, Level, High School

Rylee Arnold, St. Bonaventure (NY), D1, Pal-Mac

Jill Augustine, Queens Univ. (NC), D2, Geneva

Hannah Burrall, Hamilton College (NY), D3, Geneva

Jordyn Dala, Monroe CC (NY), NJCAA, Pal-Mac

Amy Hoffman, Mercyhurst (PA), D2, Canandaigua

Jami Hudak, Montivallo (GA), D2, Pal-Mac

Emma Knapp, Hartwick College (NY), D3, Marcus Whitman

Harmony Moore, Lake Erie College (OH), D2, Canandaigua

Hannah Reho, Univ. of Indianapolis (IN), D2, Canandaigua

Dana Sanford, SUNY Cortland (NY), D3, Pal-Mac

Taylor Vigneri, Allegheny College (PA), D3, Canandaigua

Emily Young, SUNY Geneseo (NY), D3, Canandaigua