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Before Arrival

Athletes will be instructed to do the following:


  • Wash hands at home before leaving

  • Bring a Large water bottle so you don’t have to refill

  • Arrive no more than 10 minutes before start time

  • Avoid carpools

  • Be dressed ready for training session


Entering Camp

Athletes will enter through the gate after answering the following questions:


Do you have a fever?

Do you have a cough?

Do you have a sore throat?

Do you have shortness of breath?

Have you been in contact with someone with COVID-19?


Coaches will record the answers on provided sheets in three ring binders.


If a player is showing any signs of COVID based on the questions, they will be asked to return home.  Coach Lopez will contact the parents immediately so that can follow through with appropriate medical attention.



Players will not share any athletic or personal equipment during the training.  Each player will have their own stick, goggles, mouthguard and water bottle.  No players will use their own balls.  All drills will be designed to keep athletes at least six feet apart.



Players will be put into groups.  Each group will have a maximum of ten athletes in it and have one or two coaches assigned to it. The group will stay the same for the entire camp and work only with those in the group.

Training Sessions

We will conduct all training with social distancing in mind.  Players will remain six feet away at all times and no one will touch a ball or another players equipment with their hands.  Bathrooms/Locker rooms will not be available.




We will use a limited amount of equipment that includes:


Lacrosse balls


Training ladder


After each session all equipment will be cleaned with a spray cleaner.  This equipment will only be used by this group during phase 1.  


After Training Session


Athletes will be instructed to do the following:


  • Use hand sanitizer that you brought

  • Do not use locker room.

  • Leave the facility as soon as possible.

  • Shower when you get home.

  • Wash workout clothes when they get home.

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